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Start Your Silver Card Subscription Today! The Best Way to Grow your Wealth.

The Fast, Flexible and Secure way to buy Silver! Start Your Silver Card Subscription Today! It’s the Best Way to Grow your Wealth. Silver Cards are the safe efficient way to steadily grow your investment-grade stack of silver online! 

Set your own investment budget with a comfortable monthly subscription that is just right for you. Simply confirm your purchase and this Electronic Silver card will instantly be delivered to you for redemption. And, your Electronic Silver Card subscription will be emailed automatically to your inbox. 

Simply enter your Silver Card number to redeem it for silver from our silver bullion dealers and metals merchants. 

All sales are final. Silver Cards do not expire. 

There is a 3.8% convenience fee applied to the Silver Card purchase amount for processing when paying with credit or debit card. There is a 1% fee deducted by CoinPayments when paying with crypto. There is an additional $1.00 supplemental fee for purchases of $25 or less to cover costs. 

Maximum payment by credit card is $1500. Total maximum purchases per person per day is $9500. For purchases over $500, you can also use Pay by Wire option to send a local bank transfer or wire

NOTICE: Subscription purchases are not currently available. Please use one-time purchase cards for purchases this month.

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